What Makes a Responsible Gun Owner

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On June 29th, Nick over at Practically Tactical did a show about what it means to be a responsible gun owner. He posted on Facebook asking people to weigh in on the topic and idea with their opinions on what they felt made a person a responsible gun owner.

I stumbled across it and wanted to respond to it, because this is one of those things that makes us look good. Being able to talk about being a responsible gun owner and list out why is a great way to present ourselves to the public. But I didn’t just want to make any answer. I could have used the usual, some one who locks up the guns in their house, or gets training or blah blah blah. I wanted it to be an answer from the heart. Some thing that we all knew, but had never put into words.

After thinking about it for a while, it finally hit me. I knew I finally had the right answer. I opened up the Facebook and I found the post and I said:

Someone who equips them self with the proper knowledge of how to handle and treat a firearm via training. Someone who takes the time to teach the next generation about the tradition, heritage and respect for firearms. One who passes along to the next generation a love for the shooting sports and instills a sense of pride in this skill set.

Yeah, I know deep.

But it’s very true. Yes someone who locks up and teaches people about the 4 rules of gun safety and keeps them out of reach of people who are not authorized to use them is a responsible gun owner. But It goes so much farther then that even.

A responsible gun owner knows that the next generation is the future of the Gun Culture in this country. They need to have been taught this skill set and they need to have been taught about the traditions and the heritage behind why we have the rights we have and why we need to continue to fight for them and to move forward.

If we don’t take the time to teach our kids about guns and the freedom they really do bestow on us, then those rights and all that freedom can and will be taken away. As responsible gun owners, we have have been given the task of educating those coming behind us and leaving a legacy where they can enjoy the freedoms that we have and rights we have fought so hard for. If we don’t pass along the skills of shooting or a love of the shooting sports, these are traditions and skill that will be lost forever.

So be a responsible gun owner. Take someone new to the range who has never shot before. Let them learn about the joys of the shooting sports and help show them the skills past down for generations. Let them experience what it is like to be truly free.


  1. Personal responsibility is a must when it comes to gun ownership. It should always be taken seriously. You did a great job conveying that in this post.

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