First Work Out

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So after joining the Y on Sunday, this is the first time we got to take advantage of it. We decided to go walk laps in the indoor pool. It was so much fun. We just walked up and back. It got my heart working and I was breathing hard. It really was a nice work out.

What made it nice was the bouancy of the water. It made it both easier and harder. Easier because the water made helped to make us lighter, but much harder because of the resistance from the water. It was so great.

I feel great, I am exhausted and my legs hurt, but it’s all such a good hurt. I can’t wait to do it again, but I know I have to do it in moderation.

So since we walked in the pool tonight it’s tough to put a measurement on what we did. But for a first work out it was great.

I think we need to look into getting fitbits to track our progress.

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