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Item: Frontier Bullets 9mm 115 Grn Copper Plated Projectiles

Manufacturer: Frontier Bullets

Purchased From: ET Brass

Purchase Price: $52.00

Manufacturer Website:

Purchased from website:

My beautiful bride and I went to a gun show on the 16th of August with the intent in mind to find some projectiles. We were able to succeed in that mission. Looking around, we finally found ET brass who sells reloading supplies. Presses, dies, cleaning supplies etc were there, but they had an extensive array of projectiles for sale.

We looked through their display and found some 9mm Projectiles and picked them up. They were Frontier Bullets. Normally we get bullets from X-Treme Bullets (See my review of X-Treme here) but since the show was in town this week, we decided to see if we could find something local quick and not worry about shipping times since we were out of ammo and I had a match coming up the end of that week.

We sat down the next day and started loading them. One thing we noticed right off the bat is that the bullets seemed to not all be the same size. Some seemed a little bigger and some smaller, and that was both diamater and length or one or the other. There didn’t seem to be good consistency of size through out. Once we had them loaded, They seemed to be ok.

We loaded up some test rounds to see where the sweet spot for the powder charge was. We ranged from 5.2 – 6.0 based on load data for Alliant Power Pistol. They shot surprising well when I took them to the range A few days later and found the sweet spot at 5.4 grs for these bullets. (Always remember that load data can vary. You might find something different that works better for you.)

*Update November 10, 2014*

Since I started this post back in August, I have shot up all the Frontiers we had loaded. I was very pleased with the way they all shot and loaded. Since then we have gotten a couple boxes of X-Treme’s but the Frontiers are not a bad substitute if we can’t get Xtremes.


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