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Well Friday was the last night for Steel shooting at Friday Night Steel for the season. It’s kind of bittersweet. This was the first year that I started competitive shooting and I started my career at Friday Night Steel.  With this being the last time for steel it pretty much brings my year to a close. My loving wife and I talked it over and decided that would would just be too cold and miserable to continue shooting over the winter outside. I think I might need to look into indoor shoots and see what we can do. That might be fun.

This was an awesome time and I can’t wait till the season starts next year. I am so proud of my beautiful wife. She just started shooting this year for her first time back in April and she has come such a long way. I would have never dreamed of trying competitions my first year shooting, yet there she was out there with me shooting steel. I am so proud of her. She did so great this year for a first time doing something like this.

I’ve uploaded the videos from Friday night to YouTube so you can see them there. (http://www.youtube.com/users/ravenoutdoors) I apologize for the videos of me shooting. I need to work on the use of those glasses. It’s driving me crazy.

So over all, my final scores for the season were in 19 Matches:

Shortest Time: 46.33

Longest time: 124.88

Overall average: 70.95

(all above in Seconds)

That’s really good.  I was so proud of the 46 Second time…I plan on trying that one again 😉 What I think is funny is that my overall average is the same as the first match’s score. I guess that shows consistency? Who knows.

My loving bride’s scores In 11 Matches :

Shortest time: 87.43

Longest Time: 157.64

Overall average: 120.78

For a first time shooting steel I think she did a awesome job. I really hope that she wants to continue doing this next year. I love having her there.

So all in all this was a great year. I got a few IDPA Matches in and mostly steel. I can;t wait till next season starts.

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