Carry on, Carry over, Carry…..Open?

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In this day and age, the world is not necessarily as ….nice….as it once was. We need to take precautions to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. One method that some of us have chosen is to carry a firearm with us as a last resort defensive weapon. By making that choice, you are taking a vital step in extending the lives of you and your family. But how do we keep that firearm with us? How do we choose to carry that firearm?

I personally believe that the best way to carry is concealed. Yes I know we have the right to carry openly in Ohio. And yes, I know that there are a lot of people who exercise that right. But why? What kind of advantage does that gain you?

I have heard that some feel it gives them a tactical advantage and quicker access to their Firearm. Others feel that it is a great deterrent. If a bad guy comes into a place where they are, they may think twice about doing bad things if they see a gun. Some just like the look of having the firearm on their hip.

But do we really need to advertise that we have a gun? If a bad guy comes in and sees the gun, I would think that person would be the first to have bad things happen to them cause the bad guy knows they have a gun? Does getting hassled by the cops unnecessarily sound like fun?

I know that this is a political atmosphere where people feel we need to exercise and fight for our rights before we lose them. And I am all for that. I am tired of the words “gun owner” being construed as a negative and bad word. But I also feel that we can be doing a disservice to our cause by making people feel uncomfortable around guns. Especially if they are forced into an environment with a gun that they didn’t choose.

That’s why I feel it’s better to carry concealed. It gives me a tactical advantage in being able to protect myself and family. My gun is not to protect everyone else. My gun is to protect me and my loved ones. I am sorry you if that offends you, but that is the fact of the matter. We don’t need to be running around with a gun openly on our hip wanting to save the world. I just want to save my butt.

Yes this is something that has bothered me for a while. Just putting my thoughts out there.

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