Slowing Down

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Well it’s that time of year. The Competition season is winding down for me. The last Steel shoot is tomorrow and depending on weather, IDPA will probably be on hold till next spring. That’s not a bad thing. I had so much fun shooting competitions this year and was so lucky to have my wonderful and understanding wife with me. She shoots steel with me and is great. Next year we are (at least I am) hoping that she will start shooting IDPA.

Again though, this is not a bad thing. Now I will have more time to start into other things I want to do. Start running more Drills, more training, I want to start working on the NRA/Winchester Qualification Program. That will give us something measurable to shoot against to see how we are doing. I want to look into reloading more. So many things to play with and new things to try. That’s the great thing about this sport. There are SO many aspects to try and get into. I want to do as many as I can but I know I need to focus on one thing at a time.

I hope to be able to post the steel season results by this weekend for you. Plus some more videos from Steel. Oh that reminds me, keep an eye on the You Tube Channel too. I will be posting Competition Videos, range day videos and other things. I thought the name was pretty cool, Ravenoutdoors 🙂

Anyway. Time to get to other things. More soon.

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