Counting Sheep

So according to Webster: Sheep noun, often attributive 1 :  any of various hollow-horned typically gregarious ruminant mammals (genus Ovis) related to the goats but stockier and lacking a beard in the male; specifically :  one (O. aries) long domesticated especially for its flesh and wool 2 a :  a timid defenseless creature b :  a timid docile

Things I have learned in Competition

So as I have mentioned before, this was the year that I started competitive shooting. I have had such a great time and have learned so much. I saw such an improvement in my shooting. It is true what they say. You can’t get better unless you shoot against people

Guns and Ammo and oops!

So by now we have all heard about the major screwup by Guns and Ammo Magazine. And yes everyone in the podcast/blog/news media has taken their shots at Mr. Metcalf. I know I am a little behind the 8 ball here, but I still wanted to take a stab at

Competition Vs. Combat

What’s the old adage? “Train like you fight.” Makes sense. As you are learning, you want to ingrain muscle memory so that when the Shummer impacts the rotating blades and all hell breaks loose, you will fall back on your training and survive. Easy enough. But how do you measure

Guns and the (not so) Affordable Care Act

I read. Alot! and I love to read Facebook. Some of the posts and responses always entertain me and it kind of gives me insight into what people think and feel. There are alot of disagreements on how things should be handled and how things should go. Everyone has their