End of Season Wrapup 2016

Well the end of the shooting season is upon us. Time to clean the guns and put them away till next year. However, before all that can be accomplished, a look back at how this season went is in order. Taking a moment to take stock of how you did

NRA Birthday Special Event Station

It’s not often I get to mix two of my hobbies together, but here is one of those rare chances. In addition to being an avid shooter, I also am an amateur radio operator or “Ham”. I have been licensed since 2001 and am just a Technician Class. While I

Friday Night Steel October 21, 2016

Match Date: October 21, 2016 Match Summary: What a great end to a fun season. This was the last match of the regular season this year and it was a great match for me this time as well. I got lucky actually. I can actually shoot this match and get