IDPA February 24, 2015

I really like this shooting every other week thing, but it makes it tough to come up with witty openings each time. It was a dark and stormy evening…..ok well not really.. It was actually COLD and bright. The sun finally came out. Being the Fourth Tuesday of the month

IDPA February 10, 2015

Second Tuesday of the month. You know what that means. Well yes, all you can eat wings at Quaker Stake and Lube. But it means it was time for a Ready Line IDPA Match. So I packed up the gear, grabbed my wife and off to the range we went.

IDPA January 27, 2015

In a surprise turn of events, I was able to shoot a second IDPA match in a month. I was very surprised and excited. So off to Ready Line again Tuesday night to shoot the match. This time was a little different. They wanted to try to change the time to start shooting