Friday Night Steel May 13, 2016

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Match Date: May 13, 2016

Match Summary:

First steel match of the season is over and done with for me. This match was no exception. I missed the very first match of the season because of family obligations, but as always I am ok with that. So this was my first match of the year.

It was a great night for spending time on the range. It was nice and cool, there was a constant breeze, and it was just a great night for steel shooting. My friend Justin met me there and we had a good time.fns05132016

For this match I think I did ok. I had to knock the rust off a little bit since I haven’t shot any steel since last winter. But once I got into the groove I had a blast. I did have a lot of misses on things that should have been easy, but I noticed that was a sight alignment problem. I need to practice some draws and getting that first shot off correctly.

I didn’t have a chance to shoot the improved M&P22 this match, but I am thinking that this year, I may just focus on shooting rimfire at the steel matches. I have a ton of .22 that I can shoot which will save all the 9mm for USPSA matches. I still get the trigger practice and the target transition practice. I don’t have to draw, but still. I could even hang the GoPro from the gun for a new perspective that way too 🙂 So expect more rimfire this year then ever before!

That’s it for this match.

Enjoy the video!

What I did wrong: I pushed too hard for my first match. I should have taken it easy and I didn’t.

What I did Right: I had fun. Since this will probably be my only production match this year, I just had fun.

Match Video:

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