USPSA September 27, 2015 – Miami Rifle and Pistol Club

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uspsa_logoNow for something really out of the ordinary for me. On this Sunday, I took a leap of faith and tried something new. Couple of buddies of mine has been on me about going to a USPSA match with them for a couple of months. So I promised I would try one. Well the promised match rolled around Sunday Sept 27, so there I was, playing a game I knew pretty much nothing about.

USPSA was described to me as IDPA but better. Ooookay. It definatly is different from IDPA, where in IDPA you are given how to shoot the stage. In USPSA, you have to determine how you want to shoot the stage. At first I felt overwhelmed, but as I got through the day, with some coaching from my friends Justin and Brad, I was able to slowly figure out how it all worked.

I really had a great time. The day started out nice and cool, but by the end of the day, we were sweating our butts off. It got hot and humid and sticky and the pistol bays are on the top of a hill at Miami Rifle and Pistol Club but there is no air movement up there. I sucked down a lot of water and used my cooling towel.

There were 6 stages that day with stage 1 being a classifier stage. I found out that in USPSA, you get to shoot a classifier every match and using some archaic math, you can basically re-class through out the year. Sounds like a nice way to do that.

Overall, I had an absolute blast. I think I will definitely be shooting more USPSA matches next year. At least one a month. Trade an IDPA match for one USPSA match a month. Who knows I might get better at USPSA and IDPA both.

I placed actually very well for the first time doing this. At least I think it’s pretty good. I placed 49th out of 70 over all and 25 out of 37 in Production. For my first showing I was very impressed with myself. Now to only improve that next year. This is a good starting point.

Enjoy the video below. Somehow the camera got bumped so all I recorded on stages 2 and 3 were my arms. It really wasn’t worth including in the video so….

What I did good this time: I had fun. It’s really hard to judge what I did well or not this time since it was my first time.

What I did bad this time: I missed 2 targets on stage 5. I didn’t even realize I had missed them till I watched the video when I was putting it together for this post. Duh!!!!

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Match Video:

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