Friday Night Steel August 21, 2015

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Match Date: August 21, 2015

Match Summary:

This week the weather wasn’t too bad. The day started out nice and cool with low humidity and other then warming up a little, it pretty much stayed that way for the match.

I had a much better match this week then last too. I had my usual Smith & Wesson M&P9 Pro this week, so it was a very comfortable gun for me (it’s my primary competition gun). I felt faster and smoother this week then in weeks past. Just more confident. It was nice to have an old reliable friend back.

I was able to use a new piece of gear this week. I bought an Invictus hanger for my holster to set it to drop offset for me and I had installed it the night before. Having that extra little drop seemed to help get the gun out of the holster faster. Could have just been me, but it was definitely smoother that way too. I was very happy with that, but need to work more with the drop offset some to get more comfortable with it. Especially when re-holstering. I am used to the holster being higher and kept having to re find the holster each time.

My times did come out much faster then usual too. I have been shooting in the 60’s and 70’s and this one was in the low 50’s I was pretty happy with that.

Now I need to work and find a way to shave some time off my shooting. I am having consist runs at this speed and I think it is time to start moving faster. I have gotten too comfortable at this speed and need to move a little faster and be more accurate.

Right now I am running at about 3 seconds on the strings on stage 1, about 12 seconds on stage 2 and 12 seconds on stage 3. My goal is to work to them down. Which is very possible. It will take some time and work but I think I can do it.

Otherwise it was a fun, quick evening. There was hardly anyone at the match this week. More then likely it was because of school going back and football season starting (both in the NFL and in HS).

I had some technical problems with the GoPro this week. It kept freezing on me and I was not able to record the video. I hope I have solved that problem and will have some video from the next match. So unfortunately no video from this week.

Catch you next match!

What I did wrong: I had tech problems with the camera LOL. No really. This week I don’t think I did a lot wrong. I had a really good week. I think I need to practice fundamental trigger control. I keep pushing my finger too far into the trigger guard.

What I did Right: I had some faster draw times. Using the new holster helped to get it out quicker and I was able to get on target faster. Transitions were smooth and fast and target acquisition was spot on.

Match Video:

No video this week 🙁

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