Friday Night Steel June 5, 2015

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Match Date: June 5, 2015

Match Summary:

This match was not a bad one. The forecast called for isolated thunderstorms and slightly higher humidity, but we were hoping to get the match in. We just barely made it. By 7:45, there was a nice thunderstorm that cropped up. And when I say thunderstorm I mean deluge monsoon! It freaking poured.

But not before I got my shooting in for the match. I got there a little later then usual because of traffic so I started a little later. But I did pretty good I think. I got a payout (prize) which is the first one this year. so yeah I think that was a good match. Means I basically shoot for free this next week. We use the Lewis Class System for scoring and prize payouts. You take the scores, put them in order ascending and then break them into groups of 4. The top of each group gets a payout. So yeah I shot well enough to get a payout.

We ran a third string on stage 2 because of a shortened format for that stage. We had to reload during the string before the last shot. so this of course added time to everyone and made them a little longer. But it evened itself out. It was actually kind of fun.

Otherwise this was pretty much like any other match. I was for the most part happy with my performance.

As always, check out the video below and see you for next match. One note, you will notice I recorded the video in a different mode. This caused the camera to be to low and I didn’t realize it till it was too late,  so the steel is way at the top of the frame. I will adjust to the new shooting mode and re angle the camera for this coming match.


What I did wrong: I pushed way to hard on stage 1 and lost focus and lost track of my front sight. That was my biggest mistake there. On Stage 3 I was hurting so I just threw lead downrange. That added way too much time to my score.

What I did Right: I nailed the reloads on stage 2. I was quick and was able to bring my gun back up quickly and present fast and quick to the targets.

Match Video:

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

For updated scores, see the 2015 Friday Night Steel Scores page on the blog.

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