Friday Night Steel May 29, 2015

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Match Date: May 29, 2015

Match Summary:

This was the last Friday in May and let me tell you this match was hot. It was humid and sticky and just blech for a shooting day. But it was still a shooting day so that’s a good thing right? Any day on the range is better then a good day in the office. It had rained most of the day before and had some scattered rains that helped drive the humidity up for the match. Plus the sun was just blazing down. We found as much shade as we could to keep cool while we waited.

I left work and went and picked up my beautiful bride to come along with me. She’s till very pregnant but she didn’t want to sit at the house alone while I shot, so I went and got her again. Our friend Brad showed up too so I had a shooting buddy tonight. We didn’t do too bad, but I didn’t do too good. I had another off night on stage 2 and just could not hit anything to save my life. This translated into longer times and just a poor placement over all. Brad did way better then I much to my chagrin.

I loaded some new 147 gr 9mm’s for this match. I could tell when I hit those in a magazine. The recoil impulse was so much smaller. I was really impressed with the new bullets. I was able to speed up my shooting a hair because of it. I am now going to be using X-Treme 147 gr 9mm plated bullets in my loads. Less of a charge and easier to make power factor. They shot great in this match. I am going to load up some more and then do a review on them at some point.

Otherwise the match went the same as normal. Fast shooting and steel pinging. If you ever get the change to shoot some steel, try it. You will find it to be a lot of fun.

As always enjoy the video below and stay tuned to next time for another match Summary.

What I did wrong: I pushed way to hard on stage 2. I wasn’t lining up my sights like I should and just trying to blaze way too fast. I had some good runs a few weeks ago and I am trying to hard to meet those runs. I need to pull it back and just try to fix my cadence. I am taking too many shots I shouldn’t need to.

What I did Right: Stage 1 went really well. I have a pretty good cadence down for that stage so it runs well. Also I noticed I was able to shoot a little straighter with the new bullets, so that I think might help with some speed.

Match Video:

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

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