Friday Night Steel May 15, 2015

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Match Date: May 15, 2015

Match Summary:

Another Friday, another Steel Match. Tonight was great. the weather was perfect, it was nice and cool since it had rained a few hours before, the humidity was down and it was just a great night.

I swung past the house and picked up my bride to bring her along. She sat int he car again because of the baby, but at least she was able to see what was going on. My friends Justin and Tom also showed up for some fun that night as well. We all shot well and had a great time. We started on Stage 3 and worked backwards. We were looking for for runs of people so we could get through as fast as we could.

This was a great match and a great warm-up for all of us for the weekend. I shot in Oxford at in an IDPA match, Justin shot at a USPSA match and Tom was taking a shooting class. It was great to get to shoot with friends and we all did fairly well.

As always enjoy the video below and stay tuned to next time for another match Summary.

What I did wrong: I pushed way to hard on stage 3, String 2. Since we started on Stage 3, we were a little out of order and it threw me off. I had a great run on string 1 and just pushed too hard on string 2. I also had a really hard time dialing in on stage 1. I didn’t get it till string 3 for some reason and ran my time up to much.

What I did Right: I had a great run on Stage 3 String 1. It was a 6 second run and I normally don’t have a sub 10 second run on that stage. I was very very happy.

Match Video:

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

For updated scores, see the 2015 Friday Night Steel Scores page on the blog.

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