IDPA May 2, 2015 – Northern Kentucky Straight Shooters Association

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It has been a long while since I had an opportunity to shoot an IDPA match these last few months. I was shooting over at Ready Line Shooting Complex over in Newtown, but for the last two months, they have been having Classifiers. Which I can see, but I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t shoot IDPA. Well I finally had this chance this weekend, but not at Ready Line.

I got the gear ready Friday night after I got home from Friday Night Steel. Some friends of mine (Fred and Justin and Shawn) and I were going to shoot down that the Northern Kentucky Straight Shooters Association Match down in Crittenden, KY.

The morning dawned bright and sunny. It was a little warm, but it was better then the cold we have been having. I got down to the range around 8:10 and Justin and Fred got there a little after me. Shawn showed up shortly after them, which surprised us since we thought he had other plans. Oh well!

We had an absolute blast. We shot 6 stages from about 9:30 – 3:00. I forgot to grab my sunscreen and I paid the price for that! but over all it was a great day! the stages were fun and challenging, the company was great and the day gorgeous.

Because of the size of the range, we would shoot two stages and then go and score and everyone would come back and then the next shooter would go. We alternated sides of the range and then did it all over again. There was a good mix of steel, cover, barricades and creativity. My score will not be the greatest because of stage 1 with this evil target array, but everyone did horribly on that one so it should all balance out.

Over all I had a great time and would love to go back and shoot there again. It’s Only about 40 minutes south of my house and I met some really great people.

What I did good this time: I made accurate shots and focused on accuracy over speed this time. I was able to go fast, but I was also able to see where my shots landed before I moved and transitioned to the next target.

What I did bad this time: I need to make sure to bring sunscreen and a chair to the match next time. I am paying for not having both. I also need to make sure to bring all my gear and the wagon and not be lazy next time.

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Check out the 2015 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

*Division Capacity: From time to time I will mention load outs for my magazines in the descriptions so you know how many rounds I am carrying with me. When I mention “Division Capacity”, for Stock Service Pistol (SSP), the division I shoot in, my load out is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and one with 11 rounds in it. In SSP in IDPA, we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine, but can start with one in the chamber, hence why the one loaded with 11 rounds. Other Divisions have different requirements.

  •  Stage 1:  16 rounds, 4 Cardboard Targets, 1 Continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Concealment not required. Start at P1. At the Start signal, while moving from P1 to P2 (Left to Right) engage each target with 1 round each, Strong Hand only. At P2, perform a tactical reload (Reload with retention, loaded chamber reload, whatever you want to call it. Basically stow the magazine from the gun and insert another. You cannot drop the magazine on the ground, you have to keep it with you.) From P2 to P3 (Moving Forward) engage each target with one round apiece, weak hand only. At P3 perform a tactical Reload. From P3 to P4 (moving right to left) Engage each target with one round a piece, Freestyle. At P4, perform a tactical reload and then engage each target with one round a piece, head shots only.
  • Stage 2:  10 Rounds, 5 Cardboard targets, One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to 10 rounds each for 30 rounds. Load and place gun on table without chambering a round. Sit in chair. While remaining seated at table, at the signal, pull the steel pepper popper towards you to activate swinger. Pickup gun and rack to chamber a round. Engage each target in tactical priority with 2 rounds each.
  • Stage 3:  14 Rounds, 4 Cardboard target, 2 Steel pepper poppers, One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Start backed up to and resting on barrel, facing downrange. At the sound of the buzzer, draw and advance, engaging T1 and T2 with 3 rounds each. When reaching the barricade, perform a tactical Reload, and then working from either side of the barricade and slicing the pie, engage Steel till it’s down and paper targets with 3 rounds each. (Yes you could, and I did, work both sides of the barricade so you didn’t have to lean as far to engage targets.)
  • Stage 4:  14 Rounds, 6 Cardboard target, 2 Steel Pepper popper targets, 2 No-Shoot Targets, One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. On the signal, Engage T1 with 2 rounds and advance to wall. At the wall, using cover, slice the pie and engage targets T2 – T5 with 2 rounds apiece, avoiding the 2 No-Shoot targets. Advance around the wall to the window and through the window, engage 2 steel pepper poppers till down and one cardboard target with 2 rounds, head shots required.
  • Stage 5: 12 Rounds, 4 Cardboard targets, One Steel pepper Popper, One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to 10 rounds each for 30 rounds. Load and place gun on table without chambering a round. Sit in chair. While remaining seated at window, at the signal, Pickup gun, chamber a round and engage T1 with 3 rounds, Steel till down and T2 – T4 with 3 rounds a piece, avoiding the swinging No shoot target.
  • Stage 6: 18 Rounds, 6 Cardboard target, One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Start with back against barricade, facing up range. At the Start Signal, turn and then draw, and begin engaging targets with 3 rounds a piece. You are allowed to use either side of the wall to engage targets, while slicing the pie and using tactical priority.

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