Friday Night Steel May 1, 2015

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Match Date: May 1, 2015

Match Summary:

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, it was here. Friday Night Steel started up on May 1. Of all the competitive shooting sports I partake in, I will admit, I like shooting steel even more then shooting IDPA. So I always look forward to the start of the steel season, especially after long cold winter like this years. It was nice and sunny and warm this match night and it felt good to get out and get some lead down range.

So for this match, I was lucky to be able to shoot in two divisions this time. I shot in my normal production, but my friend Justin came along and we got to try out his new “open” .22 that he built out of an M&P22. He put a new trigger, scope mount with red dot and comp on this gun. All I can say is that this thing was a blast to shoot. It was smooth, didn’t move and just ran like a champ. I was so impressed with it. We had a blast.

In production, I did really well. I didn’t place high, but I had a really good time score wise and think it was because there were a lot of people there that night and a lot of the better shooters that haven’t been there for a while. So that’s ok. It was still one of my fastest times. This year I really need to work on getting my times down. I need to practice draws and getting that first shot off.

Over all it was a great night. It was great getting to see people I haven’t seen for a while and get some outside shooting time. Plus it was great to get some practice trigger time in for the IDPA match I got to shoot the next day (May 2).

What I did wrong: Since this was the first match of the year, it’s tough to benchmark myself here. I was mainly shooting for a base line. I think if I had to name something, it would be that my reloads need work. I have adopted this weird way of reloading and I need to fix that.

What I did Right: Same thing as above. It’s tough to call this one since I was setting a base line. I was pretty happy with my score, so I guess you could say I did that right.

Match Video:

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