IDPA February 24, 2015

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I really like this shooting every other week thing, but it makes it tough to come up with witty openings each time.

It was a dark and stormy evening…..ok well not really.. It was actually COLD and bright. The sun finally came out. Being the Fourth Tuesday of the month it was off to Ready Line again for another IDPA match. I love shooting matches this often. I love being able to bring you a new match every two weeks with some fun video and new things to show. That’s going to start to change next month where I will only be able to hit a match here and there. But that’s ok. I wasn’t expecting to shoot this many matches anyway.

This week however, I shot horribly. I know it was because I am in pain because of the weather. I have nerve damage in my back and when it gets to be to cold, I start to have issues with it. Well because it hurts to stand up, which in turn makes it really tough to shoot. But I play through the pain as best as I can.

So I shot like hell, felt like hell, but I had FUN! That’s what matters. I felt off all night too. Like I couldn’t get my head into the game for some reason. I ended up launching way more bullets down range then I needed to on the second stage, but eh, why not. I went zero down for a longer time LOL. Oh well.

Next month they are running two classifiers, so I only will be attending one match. I am hoping that I am feeling better when I get there so I can place well. I want to hit Sharpshooter this year and there is no reason I couldn’t. I just need to have my head in the game and hope I am not in too much pain.

What I did good this time: I had fun and I pushed myself, even while in pain again. I was pretty good on long range shots. I only took 4 Shots and 9 seconds to down a piece of steel 25 yards away. I was no where near the fastest, but I was also not the slowest.

What I did bad this time: I blew off way too many rounds for stage 2. I need to slow down and contrate more. I am rushing and rushing my shots. I also need to dry fire more this time before the classifier.

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Check out the 2015 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

*Division Capacity: From time to time I will mention load outs for my magazines in the descriptions so you know how many rounds I am carrying with me. When I mention “Division Capacity”, for Stock Service Pistol (SSP), the division I shoot in, my load out is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and one with 11 rounds in it. In SSP in IDPA, we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine, but can start with one in the chamber, hence why the one loaded with 11 rounds. Other Divisions have different requirements.

  •  Stage 1: TEA PARTY TERROR – 12 rounds, 4 Cardboard Targets, 1 Continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Stand behind the blue line behind the “Crowd of People”. Staying behind the line, engage Targets T1-T4 in with 2 rounds each in tactical priority and then re-engage each target with one shot to the head.
  • Stage 2: (I didn’t get the name) – 12 Rounds, 6 Cardboard targets, One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Seated at the table with hands on the table. At the buzzer, pull string to activate the swinger target (No Threat) and engage T1 and T2 with 2 rounds each (T1 and T2 were behind the No Threat swinger so you had to hit them without hitting the No Shoot) Then moving to left or right, engage 2 targets around cover in tactical priority. Move to the opposite side and repeat.
  • Stage 3: Long Distance shot – As Many Rounds as needed, 1 Steel Pepper Popper Target, One continuous string of fire, two magazines loaded with 10 rounds each, one magazine loaded with 1 round. Load one round into the gun and face down range. At the buzzer engage steel target 25 yards away with one round. If miss, reload from slide lock and try again.

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