IDPA January 13, 2015

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So the new competitive shooting season has finally started for me. I shot my first IDPA match this year and I was very pleased with my performance. I also had a new toy with me.

I went over to Ready Line again Tuesday night to shoot the match. This was their first match of the year as well. It was pretty cool. They had run an SO class the week before, so the MD had a bunch of SO’s to help run the match. The upside was we were able to use 2 Bay’s this time which means we were able to shoot 4 stages. They were a blast! My friend Shawn was the SO of my squad, while my other friend Tom was sent to the other squad. It was awesome though. Shawn did a great job for his first time as SO. And passing Tom as we went from bay to bay we could give each other hits on the previous stage that the other person was about to shoot.

It was nice too also see some new familiar faces as well. A couple of people from Friday Night Steel were there and we got to talking about things as well.

Did I ever mention that I have an awesome wife? We were out at Best Buy after Christmas and found a great deal on a Go Pro. So she let me get it. That means we actually have Match Video this time. I have the Go Pro Mounted to the side of my ear protection, so at first it looks a little awkward in the video seeing the side of my face not move, but everything around me moving, but I kind of like the Point Of View. I may move it around for the next few matches till I find a really good place, but this works for now.

Me with the Go-Pro mounted on my Ear Muffs

Over all I was very happy with the match. I shot really well and had some pretty good times for those stages. I felt confident in all my shots. My grip was good, my cadence was good. I just had an overall blast. As you can see, I don’t always remember the scenario or stage title (I Need to start making notes) But I can reconstruct the stage flow from the video and what I remember from shooting it.

I look forward to next month to shoot a match then. Ready Line does run matches twice a month, however My wife and I discussed it a while ago and we agreed that I get to shoot one IDPA Match a month and all the steel I can in the summer, minus vacations and other important family things. So I only shoot one Ready Line IDPA Match a month.

Check out the 2015 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

*Division Capacity: From time to time I will mention load outs for my magazines in the descriptions so you know how many rounds I am carrying with me. When I mention “Division Capacity”, for Stock Service Pistol (SSP), the division I shoot in, my load out is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and one with 11 rounds in it. In SSP in IDPA, we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine, but can start with one in the chamber, hence why the one loaded with 11 rounds. Other Divisions have different requirements.

  •  Stage 1: TAKING OUT THE TRASH – 8  rounds, 4 Cardboard Targets, 1 Continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Start at P1 (there were 4 barrels set up in a square, with each barrel as the points. P1 is back right barrel, P2 is front right, P3 is front left and P4 is back left) facing down range. On the buzzer, while moving to P2 engage target T1 with two rounds. Then, while moving from P2 to P3, engage T2 and T3 with two rounds apiece. Finally while retreating from P3 to P4, engage target T4 with 2 rounds apiece. All shots must be taken while moving. (The scenario presented was we were taking out the trash to the dumpster in the ally when the door locks behind us by accident and we are jumped by 4 bad guys and have to work our way around the dumpster to get out. I took a penalty on the last target because I forgot to start moving before I pulled the trigger and shot.)
  • Stage 2: (I don’t remember the title) – 6 Rounds, 4 Cardboard targets (3 threat targets and 1 no shoot), One continuous string of fire, first magazine loaded with three rounds only, the last 2 loaded to division capacity (10 rounds apiece). Start seated at the table with all magazines on the table and your gun on the table, muzzle down range. At the buzzer, pickup and load your gun with the magazine that has 3 rounds in it. Engage the 3 cardboard threat targets with 2 rounds each in tactical priority (closest to farthest). Reload from slide lock. (I don’t remember what the scenario was here.)
  • Stage 3: (I don’t remember the title) – 6 Rounds, 7 Cardboard targets (6 threat targets and 1 no shoot), One continuous string of fire, first magazine loaded with 6 rounds only, the last 2 loaded to division capacity (10 rounds apiece). Start facing down range, with your hands in the surrender position. At the buzzer, engage each cardboard threat target in tactical sequence (with 1 round each) in any order. Reload from slide lock and reengage each target with 1 round each. (I don’t remember what the scenario presented was here.)
  • Stage 4: (I don’t remember the title) – 12 Rounds, 5 Cardboard targets (4 threat targets and 1 no shoot), One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Start behind the ported barricade with hands over mouth as in surprised horror. At the buzzer, engage the 4 cardboard threat targets with 3 rounds, two to the body and one to the head (the Mozambique Drill) in any order (while we were supposed to “practice” the Mozambique this stage, let’s be honest. It’s a game. We are gonna look for the fastest way to shoot the stage. So I did all head shots first, since they were the hardest and then blazed through the body shots. The Scenario presented was we work at a scrap yard and 4 guys are trying to steal copper metal. We look up out the window in horror first and then take matters into our own hands.)

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