IDPA December 9, 2014

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So the final match of the year is finally in the books for me and like I mentioned previously, this months Match was at a new location. I wanted to keep my hand in shooting competitions this year over the winter so I found a local match that was indoors. So last night I packed up the gear and headed over to the local indoor range known as Ready Line.

First off, the range is probably the biggest and most high tech in the area. It has multiple bays with multiple lanes and a 2 story shoot house they use for force on force classes. It is a very nice facility to shoot at and I was very impressed. However, other then IDPA and Carbine matches, I probably won’t shoot there on a regular basis. Nothing against the facility or the people that work there. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the employees and check out the facility. It’s just too damn far to go shoot at on a regular basis other then matches. But if you are in the area, check them out. They are pretty cool.

As for the match. My loving bride and I got there about 6:00 so I could get a range card and the safety video out of the way and then get registered for the match. We hung out for about 15 minutes till we got sent back to the bay where the match was going to be held. My wife sat in the lounge they have there and watched TV while I shot. She is unable to shoot right now, but she still went with me at least to keep me company till I headed back.

The MD started the new shooter briefing for people who have not shot IDPA before at around 6:30 and then the match started at 7. They had 24 shooters and only one bay to shoot in, so we were only able to do 2 stages because of how many people were there. That’s ok. It was still fun to get to shoot for a little bit. Anyway, they ran everyone through the first stage, tore it down and then set up the second stage. As shooters were finishing the second stage, I went and rescued the wife from the TV Lounge and we headed out to dinner. It was a short night, only lasting about 2 hours.

I didn’t do too bad. I actually did better then I thought. Being that I was in a new place and new environment, I was very nervous and had to get that out of my system. I hope that next months match is better. But still.

Shooting a match indoors was something new to me. Yes I usually shoot indoors on a static range, but normally I shoot most competitions outside. This was a change. I had heard about some of the things that I experienced last night, but actually experiencing them makes it different somehow. The biggest thing is that my hearing protection got all messed up because of the echos from the gun shots. They didn’t cut out right always. I will need to lower the volume next time. I usually do when shooting indoors, but I think because of being out in the bay it had something to do with it. Now that I have experienced these things, I know what to expect next time.

This match did count for points for IDPA. Not that I can do anything with them, but it was kind of neat. Also they use to distribute the scores. That was pretty cool.

That’s all for this match. Next Match starts the new shooting year in January and a new year full of surprises.

Check out the 2014 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:
There is no video for this match since my loving bride was unable to attend with me. I know this makes visualizing the stages a little harder, but it’s the best I can do. I hope to have a POV Camera for next season.

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

*Division Capacity: From time to time I will mention load outs for my magazines in the descriptions so you know how many rounds I am carrying with me. When I mention “Division Capcity”, for Stock Service Pistol (SSP), the division I shoot in, my load out is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and one with 11 rounds in it. In SSP in IDPA, we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine, but can start with one in the chamber, hence why the one loaded with 11 rounds. Other Divisions have different requirements.

  •  Stage 1: OUT SHOPPING – 14  rounds, 7 Cardboard Targets. 1 Continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Start with 2 grocery bags in hand facing up range behind barrel with back to targets at position 1. On the buzzer, place bags on barrel and run around to opposite side, facing down range. Engage 3 targets (with T-shirt soft cover) with 2 rounds each in tactical priority (closest to farthest).  Then move to position 2 and engage 2 target arrays, 2 round on each cardboard target. (The scenario presented was we were out grocery shopping and we were placing our groceries in the trunk of our car, the barrel in front, when we are ambushed and have to fight our way out.)
  • Stage 2: (I don’t remember the title) – 14 Rounds, 6 Cardboard targets, 2 steel targets. One continuous string of fire, magazines loaded to division capacity. Start facing down range at start position. At the buzzer, engage the 2 steel pepper poppers till down, then engage each target array with 2 rounds on each target, with the array’s to the weak and strong side respectively. (I don’t remember the scenario here either.)

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