IDPA November 9, 2014

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Sunday 11/9 was the last match of the IDPA Season for us at the local club I shoot at. It was alot of fun and a great match. I shot well and we all had a good laugh or two.

My loving bride was unable to attend with me this time as she had other plans for the day so I got up bright and early Sunday Morning by myself. I grabbed the gear and headed out the door and stopped cold. It was so cold that morning. There was still frost on the ground lol.

I arrived at a very good time and squaded with the usual squad of early arrivers. We all generally shoot on squad one so we can get out of there early. Even with the cold, there was a very good turn out for the match. About 50 people showed up which surprised me. I figured we wouldn’t break 20.

All the stages were again creative and flowed well. There were some hicups of understanding how certain parts of various stages ran but it was still a great shoot.

My back was acting up some that day so I had a hard time standing around. I sat down for most of the day but when I was able to helped to paste targets. Even hurting I tried to shoot my best and possibly over did it a little as I was hurting for the next few days.

All in all it was a great season and a lot of fun. I can’t wait till next year when we get to do it all over again. The match director did a great job putting together stages that were fun, challenging and educational. Nothing was ever the same.

I plan on shooting in an indoor league this winter to keep my hand it in. That should be fun. They run it every second and forth Tuesday of the month so that gives me two chances to make a match each month, but I am only going to shoot one match a month.

A new match location and new match will be next month. Stay tuned.

Check out the 2014 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:
There is no video for this match since my loving bride was unable to attend with me. I know this makes visualizing the stages a little harder, but it’s the best I can do. I hope to have a POV Camera for next season.

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

*Division Capacity: From time to time I will mention load outs for my magazines in the descriptions so you know how many rounds I am carrying with me. When I mention “Division Capcity”, for Stock Service Pistol (SSP), the division I shoot in, my load out is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and one with 11 rounds in it. In SSP in IDPA, we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine, but can start with one in the chamber, hence why the one loaded with 11 rounds. Other Divisions have different requirements.

  •  Stage 1: KEEP CALM AND SHOOT – 8  rounds, 8 Cardboard Targets. 2 Strings of Fire, 4 targets each string.  Begin with magazines loaded to division capacity. From cover, head shots only, single shot each head. 2 Upper targets as they become visible, 2 lower targets any order. String 1, Strong side, from strong side of barrels. String 2, Weak Side, from Weak side of barrels.
  • Stage 2: BACK & FORTH – 18 Rounds, 7 Cardboard targets. One continuous string of fire. Magazines are loaded with 6 rounds in the gun and 2 additional 6 round reloads on belt. Starting from Position 1 (you could start from either side of the stage, but I started from the left.) Advance toward Position 2 while engaging center 6 targets with 1 round each while moving. Reload from slide lock. At Position 2, shoot six rounds into single outside target. Reload from slide lock. Advance across stage back towards Position 1, engaging each of the center 6 targets with 1 round each while moving.
  • Stage 3: THE PIVOT – 12 Rounds, 6 cardboard targets. 2 Strings of fire, 3 targets each string. Targets arranged with 1 targets close at side berm and 2 distant towards rear of bay. Begin holding crate in two hands. At the buzzer, drop crate and double tap close target, pivot and double tap 2 far targets. String 1, facing side berm on strong side. String 2, facing side berm on weak side.
  • Stage 4: ESCAPE– 18 Rounds, 8 cardboard targets and 2 steel targets (10 targets total). One continuous string of fire. Magazines are loaded to division capacity. Double tap all cardboard targets and steel till down. Begin on the left or right side of the stage.  Shoot first 2 targets while retreating, then all the rest from cover as they become visible.  (I started from the left side of the stage as it made better sense in my mind.)
  • Stage 5: GET OUT – 18 Rounds, 6 cardboard targets and 2 steel targets. One continuous string of fire. Magazines are loaded to division capacity. Double tap all cardboard targets and steel till down. Starting center of the stage, shoot 6 rounds while retreating through barrels. Remaining targets are all shot from cover. On the left side of the stage are 3 cardboard targets, 2 with hard cover. One the right side, a cardboard target, 2 steel targets and one more cardboard target.
  • BUG stage (Stage 6):  SHOP AND ROB – 10 rounds, 3 cardboard targets. 2 Strings of fire. Start at table with gun on table and magazine covering gun. At sound of buzzer, pick up gun from under magazine and double tap close target. Move to cover and shoot first target visible with 2 rounds and second target visible with 1 round. String 1, Either side. String 2, the opposite side. Use either side of the barrels for cover shots. (On this stage we could choose to start left or right on the stage. When we moved to cover, we could go to either side of the barrels to make the shots from (left or right sides)  but we had to stay to that side for that string. We couldn’t shoot from the right side first and then go left. If we chose right side of the barrels, we had to stay there.)

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