Friday Night Steel August 29, 2014

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Match Date: August 29, 2014

Match Summary:

This week things were back to normal. My loving bride was able to attend with me and she shot some video. So for those of you that missed video from last week, never fear, there is video for this week.

This week was humid again, like last week, but not near as bad. We all still sweat pretty bad but that is the way it happens. When I weat that bad, I have found that I have an issue holding the gun. It tends to slip out of my support hand, causing my follow up shots to be high. I think I will dig out a pair of gloves I have and wear the left one to help with that issue. No it’s not a white sparkly glove….Who who!

This week went well other wise I think. At least till the last string of Stage 2. I was so in the zone and so focused, I forgot the order of the targets and….well….shot them out of order. As soon as I sent the first shot down range, I knew what I had done and sped up to try to keep my time down. I had to take a procedural for that one. That hurt. It’s been forever since I had a procedural, so I guess I was due. So that added an additional 3 seconds to my time.

My loving Bride, the instructor, even gave her seal of approval for my performance tonight, minus the procedural of course.

What I did wrong: I boo booed on the procedural and really hurt my time this week. I laughed about it as soon as I did it. In fact I called the procedural as soon as I was done shooting before the RO could say anything LOL.

What I did Right: I Maintained a proper grip the whole time and proper stance. I have to make sure that I keep my left foot back to turn my body the correct way.

Match Video:

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