IDPA July 13, 2014

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So we were supposed to go shoot steel Friday night the 11th, but unfortunately the kiddo ended up getting sick, so we had to postpone his steel debut for a week. He was so disappointed too. He has been looking forward to it for months :). So instead of going by myself, I decided to wait and shoot IDPA this weekend instead once he felt better. I thought he might be interested in seeing a match for the first time and watching. He really enjoyed it and would like to try it some time. He had never been to a match with me but has heard us talking about it all the time. The last few times he has been with us either the matches were canceled or he was with us at the wrong times.

The weather was a little iffy this Sunday. We all rolled out of the rack about 6:00 and as usual grabbed all the gear and headed out. We got there a little early, but that happens. The day started out a little sticky but not bad. It was overcast and breezy and when we started the first stage, it was still pretty ok. We were all hoping that it would stay that way for most of the match. Yeah not so. By the time we were starting the third stage (stage one for my squad because of rotation) the sun had come out and the humidity was on the rise. By the end of the match, we were all hot, sweaty and icky. The humidity was insane this Sunday. We wanted to go look for a new dinning room table after the match and we decided we had to go take showers first. Thankfully the severe storms held off for the match till later that afternoon. We got some rocking storms too!

It seemed like this was a low round count this match for some reason. Maybe it was the heat, but I took a little over 200 rounds and we only used maybe 70 ish. I need to check the ammo can. That’s not a bad thing. As always, Randy with IWLA had some fantastic stages set up. Always something different and a great skills test. It’s fantastic. He’s always got great ideas.

For the BUG stage this match, My loving bride allowed me to shoot her Ruger LCP. I got style points for it being Purple LOL! One of the other guys was shooting his daughters Pink Taurus .380, so at least we could be manly together! LOL. It was fun, but I was so horrible shooting that little gun. But it’s great for laughs.

We had fun, got to shoot some and just had an all around good time 🙂

Thanks and love always for my loving wife who shot the video for me. She is so supportive of me when I shoot and I love that she comes along and puts up with me. Thanks and love also go to my step son for being a great sport and also helped out as pit crew and reloading all my mags for me and getting them ready and drug the war wagon around with us. He also hustled around picking up brass for me. By the time I turned around to start grabbing my brass, he already had most of it in the brass bucket LOL! He’s such a great kid and I am so lucky to call him my son!

The scores came out on 7/16/2014. I am still running about middle of the pack. My time was down from the last time which was good. I need to practice a little more and I think I can bring up my times down even farther. But I am remaining consistent at least. That is important I would like to advance in the standings a little bit, but I am happy with where I am for the first full year of shooting IDPA. Consistency however is what is the most important to me. I need to find a better balance of speed and accuracy.

Check out the 2014 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

  •  Stage 1: RELAXING IN RECLINER – 12 rounds, 6 Targets. 2 Strings of Fire, 3 targets each string.  Begin with 6 Rounds in the gun and one 6 round reload (1 magazine with 6 rounds on belt). Starting either side, begin seated in chair with feet on stool and facing side berm. Gun is sitting on endtable beside chair. While remaining seated, on audible start signal, pick up gun and engaged 3 targets at rear berm with double taps to each target. String 2 is the same but facing other side berm and engaging targets on that side of the stage. (The Scenario presented was we were sitting watching TV when 3 bad guys come in through the back door. We didn’t have time to get up from the chair and happened to have our gun on the table next to us.)
  • Stage 2: UP & ACROSS – 18 Rounds, 8 targets. One continuous string of fire. Magazines are loaded with 6 rounds in the gun and 2 additional 6 round reloads on belt. Starting from Position 1 (you could start from either side of the stage, but I started from the left.) Advance toward Position 2 while engaging target 1 with 6 rounds while moving. Reload from slide lock. At Position 2, advance across stage towards Position 3, engaging each of 6 targets with 1 round each. Reload from slide lock. Using cover at Position 3, engage the last target with 6 rounds.
  • Stage 3: MAKE THE HITS – 12 Rounds, 6 targets. One continuous string of fire. Targets arranged with 2 targets close, 2 mid range and 2 distant. Shoot targets in any order with double taps. (Magazine loads were a little odd here. Usually at this club match they state load out in the stage description. Here it was Limited Vickers count, which means I can only shoot 12 rounds and any extra count as a penalty, but did not state starting load. Most started at Division Capacity. I chose to download my gun to 1 load of 6 with a 6 round reload so I didn’t over shoot. I knew I would need a reload, so I chose to do it in the middle with an IDPA legal reload.)
  • Stage 4: BE MORE ALERT – 18 Rounds, 8 paper targets and 2 steel targets (10 targets total). Magazines are loaded to division capacity (In my case that is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and 1 magazine with 11 rounds. In SSP we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine when we start, but are able to start with 1 in the chamber, hence the one mag loaded to 11). Begin with back to first 2 targets with briefcase in hand and cellphone to ear. On audible signal, turn and double tap targets 1 and 2. Advance to wall and double tap 2 targets using cover. move along wall and engage and double tap 2 targets from right side. Advance to next wall and engage and double tap one target with 1 no shoot. Advance to end of wall and engage and double tap 1 target with 1 no shoot and drop 2 steel Pepper Poppers targets. IDPA legal reloads as needed. (The Scenario presented was you and 2 coworkers were waiting for a bus. You were on the phone when a group of bad guys begins to attack. Your coworkers run off before you realize it and are captured, they are the 2 no shoot targets in the stage. You have to fight to get to safety.)
  • Stage 5: STRONG HAND – WEAK HAND – 12 Rounds, 4 targets. One continuous string of fire. Begin with 6 Rounds in the gun and one 6 round reload. Starting strong side, with strong hand only, draw and engage first target with double taps, then engage second target with double taps and then re-engage the first target with double taps. Reload, switch gun to weak hand and repeat on weak side target array.
  • BUG stage (Stage 6):  WITH MOVERS – 10 rounds, 2 swinging targets. 2 Strings of fire. Only 3 shots will be scored on this stage per target. Start with 5 rounds in the gun and one 5 round reload. String 1, holding gun at low ready and string to activate target in weak hand next to leg, on the buzzer, pull the string and then shoot 5 rounds into swinging target. When finished, reload, move to other target and repeat process. Targets swing at different speeds.

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