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*Update July 26, 2014: I am a little behind in getting some of the video up from some previous matches. This is my attempt to get caught up. *

Sunday was yet another great day for a match. The day started out very chilly but warmed up by the end. From the rain we had the week prior, the range was a mud pit, but the match was still very fun.

My loving wife and I rolled out of bed around 6:30 to get a few last minute things accomplished so we could be out the door and on the road by 7:15 or so. We had to stop for gas and were on our way.

As always there were 6 stages of shooting, with one being designated as the BUG stage. This time I was lucky. One of the other shooters there offered to let me shoot his .38 Special Revolver in the BUG stage. That was hilarious! Because of how I was squadded I started on stage 3 and just worked my way around the range to each bay as the squad got done shooting.  I shot 88 rounds total in the match, which is pretty good. Means I brought a few home and that’s less I need to make for next time LOL…This time I used X-tremes instead of the stupid LRN I was using. I was having so many problems with the LRN that I lost confidence in them so I didn’t want to use them for this match. I defiantly made a good choice in with that.

The whole range this week was just muddy. It made for some interesting footing LOL. I had mud all the way up the back of my legs. We bought a brand new wagon to use to haul the gear and stuff around with that got kinda of muddy. We had to put a plastic bag down in the back of the Escape to keep the carpet from getting ruined. we all slipped and slid around some, but it was still a great time. All of the stages tested good skills to use with both offhand shooting and strong hand shooting. Stage 4 (my last stage of the day) was probably the coolest. All day I couldn’t get my head in the game so I finally just said “eff it”. I decided that for the final stage, I was not going to care about time and just shoot a perfect stage and do it with all head shots. And that’s what I did. Perfect run, with all head shots. That stunt cost me some time, but it was worth it.

On the BUG stage, one of my fellow shooters, Jim, offered to let me shoot his .38 Special S&W Bodyguard. I had never shot one before, so I was like sure! It sounded like fun. It was actually really hilarious. I brought the gun up and BAM-BAM turned BAM-BAM-BAM. Completely missed the first target, and punched the perf of the head box on the second target with one round…I was aiming a little high! I busted out laughing…Reloaded and walked over to the other ones. Dropped the Front sight a lot deeper in the notch and BAM-BAM then BAM-BAM-BAM. Hey I actually hit the target! LOL it was so funny! But I was very grateful for the opportunity to shoot a new gun and try it out. It was very cool of him to offer that. This is one of the reasons I like these sports. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and just fantastic.

Once again, my loving wife went with me and she played pit crew, videographer and cheer leader again for me. She reloaded my mags for me while I was out pasting targets, shot the video and just supported me.

What went good: Not that much this week. I was happy about the head shots on stage 4. The gun and my ammo worked better this time as opposed to Friday Night Steel the Friday before the match.

Lessons Learned: I had a hard time getting out of my head. I felt distracted for some reason and rushed. I didn’t take my time to slow down and breath and clear my head. I know I can’t have a great match each and every week, and this was one of the bad ones, but it was still frustrating. I need to slow down and pay better attention next time.

How did I do: Check out the 2014 IDPA Results page to find out.

Match Video:

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

  • Stage 1: STRONG HAND – WEAK HAND – 12 rounds, 6 Targets. One continuous string of fire.  Begin with 6 Rounds in the gun and one 6 round reload (1 magazine with 6 rounds on belt). Starting Strong side, draw and Double tap 3 targets with String hand only. Reload from slidelock and pass gun to weak hand. Then Double tap 3 targets on weak side with weak hand only.
  • Stage 2: ANGLE IN – ANGLE OUT – 18 Rounds, 7 targets. One continuous string of fire. Begin with 6 rounds in the gun and two 6 round reloads. Starting from Postion 1 (which was on the left side of the stage) advance toward Position 2 while Double tapping each of 3 targets while moving. Reload from slide lock. At Position 2, Shoot center target with 6 rounds. Reload from slide lock. While advancing from position 2 to position 3, again double tap each of 3 remaining target while moving.
  • Stage 3: OUT SHOPPING – 12 Rounds, 4 targets. 2 Strings, 2 targets each string. Magazines are loaded to division capacity (In my case that is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and 1 magazine with 11 rounds. In SSP we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine when we start, but are able to start with 1 in the chamber, hence the one mag loaded to 11). Begin holding bags in each hand. Step to cover and shoot 3 rounds to each target as they become visible around the barricade. String 2, same thing except step to other barricade. (In other words, hold bags in your hands, drop them and step to cover, in my case I started to the right. As targets become visible around the side of the barricade, you shoot them. Then reset and hold bags in your hand again and then step to the other cover, in my case to the left, and engage those targets.)
  • Stage 4: IT’S A LONG WAY OUT – 18 Rounds, 9 targets. Magazines are loaded to division capacity. Use cover for all shots. All targets are shot with 2 rounds a piece minimum. Begin holding box. Step to 1st cover and shoot 2 targets on the right and then 1 on the left. Move left to next wall and engage 2 targets to the left. Move along wall and shoot target behind the end of the wall. Move to next wall and engage One target to the right. Move along with wall to the left and shoot last 2 targets to the left. (It was basically setup as a shoot house. It was a little confusing and some of the guys turned the wrong way, but it was a lot of fun. This was my last stage of the day and the one that I ran through doing all head shots.)
  • Stage 5: ESCAPE – 12 Rounds, 5 Paper Targets and 2 steel targets (7 targets total). Magazines loaded to division capacity. From Cover, double tap all paper targets. At high Barrels, engage 2 center targets, move left to next barricade and shoot target to left. Move right along barricade and shoot 2 targets to the right. Move to next barricade and from either side drop 2 steel Pepper Popper targets.
  • BUG stage (Stage 6):  TURN AND SHOOT – 10 rounds, 4 targets. 2 Strings, 2 targets each string. Start with 5 rounds in the gun and one 5 round reload. String 1, Facing to left berm, holding gun at low ready, on the buzzer, turn and shoot 2 rounds into one target and 3 rounds into the other target, in any order (I went outside – in each time). String 2, same thing, except facing to the right and shooting 2 targets on right side of stage. (I came in dead last of the people using a backup gun. I was using a gun I had never shot before, so it was interesting. LOL)

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