Friday Night Steel July 18, 2014

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Match Date: July 18, 2014

Match Summary:

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have been to steel. July 4, I decided to skip the match and spend the time with my beautiful bride. We had a great holiday weekend. We spent time with friends, family (in some cases one in the same) and fireworks and not all in that order. What better way to celebrate the birth of our great nation then with Explosives. Why? Cause ‘Merica!

Last week, July 11, our Step Son had finally come to town with us, unfortunately kiddo got sick, and while I was given the option to go, I decided to skip and stay home with them. I didn’t want to shoot without him.

So instead of last week, this week is his big debut into Competitive Shooting with shooting in Friday Night Steel with us. He shot in Rimfire Division this week.

It was a gorgeous day all day and we were so pumped and ready to go do some shooting. The day looked great for a steel shoot! Then it happened. Literally as I was walking out of work to go pick up my son and bride, it started to rain. And it wasn’t the pouring down quick frog-drowning, gully washing, flash flooding  over in a few minutes and then clear up kind of rain either. No. It was the slow, tedious, light rain that lasts for HOURS. And it was a cold rain too. LOL! I know your next question. No we still shot. So here we are standing on the range in the rain. Shooting Steel. That my friends is dedication. I put a bandanna over my gun to try to keep the rain off it when it was in my holster. We got soaked. We were cold. But we all had fun.

That reminds me…I need to clean and check them after being in the rain….EEP!

What I did wrong: I am still shooing low left. I’m pretty sure I’ve screwed up my grip. I have been trying some different things and I think I have messed up how I am doing it. I need to start over with the fundamentals. I think I may be anticipating shots too. Need to check that out.

What I did Right: I slowed down and took my time placing my shots. I didn’t have many rounds for my gun this time and I was worried about putting too many shots down range, so I slowed down and was more deliberate with my shot placement. That seemed to help a lot. I was able to bring my time way way down. Now to come back down to where I should be.

Match Video:

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