Friday Night Steel June 27, 2014

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Match Date: June 30, 2014

Match Summary:

Wow…I thought I was having a bad week a few weeks ago. This is much much worse. I should be improving, but nope. I am progressively getting worse. All my times keep getting slower each each week. Not sure why. My sight alignment was good, my grip was good, but I was shooting high on alot of the shots. I think I might be jerking the trigger around. I will need to work on that. The loads I have been making are working well. I have been using the X-treme Bullets for a while now and they are fantastic. See my Gear review on them here.

This week I shot in 2 divisions. I shot Rimfire and Production. I used our M&P-22 for Rimfire. When our Step Son is back with us in the summer this year, he wants to start shooting in Rimfire division with us . That should be fun! I wanted to take the 22 out to make sure it would run the ammo we have for it under competition conditions. 117 Seconds. LOL. Yeah….I did so good….but it was fun shooting a .22 in a competition.

The weather was a little warm. Ok a lot warm, but not too bad in the shade. Hopefully it doesn’t get to scorching out for later competitions this year. Just need to make sure to stay hydrated. I find that the heat saps me faster this year when I get a little dehydrated because of the diabetes. It is something I have to watch out for and make sure I drink plenty of water. I once heard the adage, If you don’t need to pee, you aren’t drinking enough. It’s so true for me.

What I did wrong: This one is really tough this week. I don;t know what I did wrong. I had good sight alignment and a good grip out of the holster. I think I might be Jerking the trigger around. I think I need to go back and work on fundamentals and practice trigger control. I also think that buckling down and doing dry fire might help more. I need to start doing that. I think I might need to relax more then I was.

What I did Right: I showed up! LOL. After a really bad start I decided to just shoot and have fun.

Match Video:

There is no video for this match because my usual videographer was pressed into service keeping score while I was shooting this week. Maybe next time.

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

For updated scores, see the 2014 Friday Night Steel Scores page on the blog.

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