Friday Night Steel May 30, 2014

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Match Date: May 30, 2014

Match Summary:

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right? Well that was sort of how the match went for me. But that’s ok. We all have those days where we can’t do good at every match.

We got there are 5ish like normal, but our friend Ashley was there a little earlier then usual with some friends from work, so they shot the first Stage. Makes sense, as we have done the same thing many times with them. So we started on the Second Stage and boy did we messup 🙂 Usually we have a wait for stage 1 which is great because we are able to spend some time chillin and relaxing and getting in the groove. We are able to get the nerves out on the first stage when we shoot and get a nice warmup. Yeah. Both of us got thrown off starting on a different stage.

So we started on stage 2 and then moved on to stage 3. The whole time I felt rushed and just couldn’t get into a good state to be shooting in. After Ashley and friends left for the evening, because she had some prior commitments, we finished up on stage 1.

What I did wrong: I was rushed the whole time. I also realized I was not gripping the gun properly. I need to make sure I establish a better grip from the holster. I was half gripping the gun. This cause me to misalign my sights and I had to slow down to get better alignment. I also need to make sure I pay more attention to how I position my feet for better natural aim. Over all I felt I could have done better.

What I did Right: Had fun. Sometimes you just gotta say eef it and just have a good time.

Match Video:

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