Friday Night Steel May 16, 2014

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Steel Match #2 in the books for the season.

This week I met my goal of trying to stay in the top 10-15 shooters by repeating my placement from the last match. Yup. Placed 10th in my division. LOL. Talk about consistent. My time was 48.75, .77 seconds slower then last week. My current aveerage this year is 48.37 sec. Not bad.

Our friend Ashley was there this week and she brought one of her co-workers with her. It was great to see her as we haven’t seen her in a while. She shot much better then last year which was awesome. It was a chilly night and it rained pretty good for about 10 -15 minutes and delayed the match. LOL. We were standing out near the firing line reloading our mags for the next stage when I looked at the sky and suggested we walk back under cover. We just got back to the shelter when it started pouring rain. Watching people scamper in from the firing line was pretty comical. There weren’t as many shooters this week as normal and we think that the threat of rain held most people away.

Afterward, we drove all over town looking for some stuff we needed at the house. LOL it was a long night but a productive one.

What I did good: Again no nerves. My draws were smooth and quick again. I was focused. My fastest run was 2.99 seconds on stage 1.

What I did bad: I rushed. I was trying to beat my score from last match and was rushing things. I need to not rush and slow down a little and concentrate. I also need to start to remember to bring my left foot forward more. I naturally aim to the left and by bringing my left foot up, it helps to bring my point of aim back to the right and line me up properly.

Oddball: Solved! Remember I was complaining about the gun being tough to unload after a run. There was more build up from the powder and lead in the chamber then I realized and it was causing the rounds to stick in the chamber. We ran the gun through an ultrasonic cleaner and then ran some Hoppes down the bore and it solved the issue.

Match Video:

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

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