Friday Night Steel May 2, 2014

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Friday night was awesome. It was finally the first steel match of the year! The competition season has now had a great start for me!

My loving wife and I got there a little early (around 5:00) and I went ahead and got geared up and ready to go. While I was getting my gear on and gun holstered, she started loading magazines. Last year she was working, so I would wait till about 6 when she got there and we would shoot together. During that time I would get my gear together and load all the magazines we were using for the night. This year, she is not working (well in an office anyway. She is a house wife this time.) so I pick her up on the way to the range from work and we off we go. She was not able to shoot this week. But she may next week.

The stages were pretty easy this week, but being the first match, it was a good way to knock the rust off from the long winter. I set the bar kind of high without meaning to. My time for this match was 47.98 seconds. That is the second fastest time for me ever. Prior to that my fastest was 46.33 and the second fastest was 50.11. That’s not bad at all. I was so close to my fastest time. I have alot to live up to this season. My goal is to try to stay in the top 10-15 shooters each match. And of course get my time down.

Right after I got done with shooting Stage 2  and we were in the process of reloading my magazines, our friend Justin showed up so we waited for him to shoot stages 1 and 2 so we could shoot stage 3 together. Afterwards, he joined us at Red Squirrel for dinner.

The night was a lot of fun.

I have updated the 2014 Friday Night Steel Scores and the 2014 Competition Schedule pages on the blog. See how I did.

What I did good: There were no nerves for me this time. I was pretty confident when I got up to the line this year. I don’t know if it’s because I had a lot of trigger time over the winter or had already shot a match this year or just I was feeling good about steel, but I was not nervous at all. My draws were smooth and fast and I was pretty accurate.

What I did bad: I fumbled a reload really badly on Stage 3. That added a few seconds to the time, but wow..I haven’t fumbled a reload like that in a long time. Not sure what happened. I will need to keep an eye on that.

Oddball: One thing I noticed was on unloading the gun after my runs, the rounds were sticking in the chamber. I really had to haul back on the slide to get the gun to eject a loaded round. I am trying to use up the last of the Lead Round Nose 9mm reloads I made so I can switch completely over to X-treme Plated projectiles. I was using Vance LRN 124 grn. 9mm projectiles. I wasn’t as happy with them and can only run them through a few of our guns (Glock doesn’t recommend LRN cause of Leading issues with the barrel). I am of course going to do a gear write up of X-treme projectiles. But anyway, I can’t tell if it’s that the reloads are too long or if it’s the wax ring causing issues. The cases eject fine, but a loaded round causes me issues. I will be glad when those are gone!

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