IDPA April 13, 2014

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The IDPA Season finally has kicked off for me. The first match of the year is under my belt and now just looking forward to the start of steel season. (Update: found out Steel will start May 2nd!)

Sunday was a perfect day for a match. Little warm, little breezy, but a good day all around. It was so much fun. We had a blast.

Our day started way early at 6:17 that morning. I had it in my calendar that we needed to be to the IWLA range by 8:00 and wanted to make sure we had plenty of time. We rolled out the door and got on the road. We managed to get there by 7:30 and the Gate was still closed! OOPS! So we were a little early. The MD showed up a few minutes later and we were good LOL.

There were 6 stages of shooting, with one being designated as the BUG stage, where you can shoot a “backup gun” (a gun that has a less then 4 inch barrel) or your match gun if you don’t have a backup. Because of how I was squadded I started on stage 3 and just worked my way around the range to each bay as the squad got done shooting.  I shot 88 rounds total in the match, which is pretty good. Means I brought a few home and that’s less I need to make for next time LOL…Randy, the MD, came up with some great stages for the match. I included the stage Descriptions and video below.

Stage 5 was just a mud pit and we kept slipping and getting stuck so it was my slowest stage of the day. This year the new rule in IDPA is we have to do static reloads behind cover. So in the video, you see me step out and then back cause I forgot and then do my reload and then move. Stage 4 was the last stage for me that day and I thought I would be all cool and operator and decided in my pre-stage planning to do a tactical reload before engaging the last target.  So I engage the last target with 8 rounds as fast as I can, 3 of which are 0 down and the rest 1 down. I took 3 points down (1.5  seconds added to my time) for that stunt LOL!

My loving wife went with me and she played pit crew, videographer and cheer leader again for me. She reloaded my mags for me while I was out pasting targets, shot the video and just supported me. I always love having her there. It is great that she knows more about shooting now that she has a little over a year under her belt and is an instructor too. In between stages, I asked for her to critique me and let me know what I was doing wrong. That was a tremendous help. And she will be brutally honest with me. If I am doing something wrong or stupid, she will let me know.

What went good: According to her Everything. I had a good balance of speed and accuracy and I was shooting about where I should be. My cadence was good. My reloads were fast. I was much more confident with my shooting. I was more confident with my draws. The nerves weren’t there this time. I used cover correctly. I used tactical priority when slicing the pie properly. The things I messed up in the Classifier I remembered not to do here. It was great.

Lessons Learned: These are just little nitpicky things, but add a canister of handwipes to the competition bag. Add sun screen to the bag. That’s about it.

How did I do: 19 out 36 in my division, 2 out of 9 in my classification. 24 out 48 overall. Dead center of the pack. Not too bad for first match of the year. Plenty of room for improvement.

Match Video:

Stage Descriptions (italics indicates my added comments):

  • Stage 1: USE EACH HAND – 18 rounds, 6 Targets. Begin with 6 Rounds in the gun and two 6 round reloads (2 magazines with 6 rounds in each on belt). With each Target array: double tap One target, Double tap other target, Re-Double tap the first target. Shoot Strong side (in my case right side) Target Array strong hand only. Center target array, Freestyle (how ever you want, in my case 2 handed), Weak Side (in my case my left side) target array weak hand only. Slide lock reloads between target arrays.
  • Stage 2: EVERYONE MOVES – 12 Rounds, 6 targets. 2 Strings, 3 Targets each string. Begin with 6 rounds in the gun and one 6 round reload. String 1: From Center, move first to strong side (in my case right) shooting targets Freestyle (remember 2 hands) in numerical order, 2 targets while moving, last target after reaching fault line. String 2: Same thing, except moving to weak side from center and shooting strong hand only. (IE We started at the center of the line of the stage and moved to our strong side. The targets were numbered 1-3 with 1 being far and 3 being near. As we moved we shot in numerical order till we reached the stick “fault line” and shot the last target, number 3. Then we did it again to our weak side. It simulated two people moving in different directions while shooting.)
  • Stage 3: KNIFE ATTACK – 12 Rounds, 6 targets. 2 Strings, 3 targets each string. Step to position behind table. Engage and double tap targets far to near with 2 rounds each. String 1, move to strong side. String 2 move to weak side.
  • Stage 4: ESCAPE – 12 Rounds, 4 targets. Magazines are loaded to division capacity (In my case that is 2 magazines with 10 rounds in each and 1 magazine with 11 rounds. In SSP we are only allowed to have 10 rounds in the magazine when we start, but are able to start with 1 in the chamber, hence the one mag loaded to 11). Begin either Left side or right side of the stage holding a box. Step to cover and Double tap outside target, the Center 2 targets, avoiding hitting the no shoot target in the center (because of placement this resulted in a lot of head shots on the “bad guy” target behind the no shoot. Great challenge.) Move across stage to next barricade and shoot outside target with 6 rounds.
  • Stage 5: STEP TO COVER – 18 Rounds, 8 Targets and 2 steel targets (10 targets total). Magazines loaded to division capacity. Begin from the left or right barricade of the stage. From cover, engage and Double tap the 2 outside targets, then steel and 2 center targets. Move to Center barricade and engage and double tap two more targets and steel. Finally move to last barricade and engage and double tap 2 outside targets.
  • BUG stage (Stage 6):  AT THE TABLE – 10 rounds, 4 targets. 2 Strings, 2 targets each string. Start with 5 rounds in the gun and one 5 round reload. Place gun on the table on strong side X. Sit at the table holding cup with weak hand and stirring with spoon in strong hand. All strings shot while seated. With each string double tap near target, then double tap far target then and additional single shot on near target. String 1 strong side. String 2 weak side.

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