USPSA September 25, 2016 – Miami Rifle and Pistol Club

uspsa_logoUnfortunately for me, this is the last USPSA Match of the year. But this was still a great match for me. I had a blast. It got a little warmer then most expected, but that still didn’t make for a bad day for late September.

As usual, John Smith, the match director at MRPC pulled together some very fun and challenging stages for the day. Some left you guessing and others made you have to slow down to not break the 180. But they were all a blast.

Even though I didn’t place all that well, I think I had a really good match. I am still in the learning process and still trying to figure it all out. It took me almost two years to figure out IDPA, so I am not going to get USPSA over night. Still I need to learn more.

This was a really fun match to get out and shoot this month. I am really enjoying USPSA and difference between that and IDPA. I really have a challenge to try to push myself up the ranks and do better. I am shooting against a lot of really good and faster shooters, so this will help to force me to get better.

What I did good this time: I had fun.

What I did bad this time: I rushed. But I did it on purpose. I wanted to see what my limits were and push past them and shoot as fast as I could. Found out that I need to work on those speeds and balancing accuracy, but it was a good chance to test myself and see what would happen. I made some really bad shots doing it and didn’t call my shots like I should have.

Scores for this match have been posted on the USPSA Results page of the blog.

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Match Video:

Friday Night Steel September 23, 2016


Match Date: September 23, 2016

Match Summary:

The end of the month of September is just around the corner and that means it’s time for another steel match. I haven’t been able to shoot as many matches this year due to time and finances (anyone wanna sponsor me for ammo?) but the times I have been able to go I have had a blast. This year has been all rimfire and it has been so much fun.

09232016fnscaptureThis was definitely the best match I have ever had. No jams and other then one miss on the last run of stage 1, no stupid mistakes. Just fast, clean runs. I shot the fastest I have ever shot in the 4 years of shooting steel and I was stoked. I was so happy at the end of the match. I will grant it wasn;t fast enough for a pay out, but it is still an accomplishment for me.

The weather was very nice and other than being a little cool that night and some fogging, it was a blast. At first it seemed like the shooting Gods were against me, between forgetting my camera, traffic and having to stop to borrow some money from my sister because I forgot to hit an atm, this turned out to be a pleasant night. I ran into my buddy Tom there and we finished out the match together.

All in all, this was a great match for me. I am sorry about the video being at a slight angle. My camera bust have gotten bumped at some point and I didn’t know. But you can still see everything.

That’s it for this match.

Enjoy the video!

Match Video:

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

For updated scores, see the 2016 Friday Night Steel Scores page on the blog.

Housesitting and Security

Over the last weekend, My loving bride, Squirt and myself stayed at my brother and sister in laws to house sit and watch their pets while they were out of town. They live on the bottom floor of an apartment building.

I got to thinking about security. When you are at home, it’s easy to protect the house and family. You know what steps you have taken to fortify the parts of the house. You know where all of your defensive firearms are hidden or locked up. You’ve taken the time to figure out all safe firing lanes and how to move through your house in the dark.

But what about when you are at a home, that is not your home.

It’s not like you can go around rehanging doors or fortifying windows. But there are some steps that you can take to make it a little safer for your family.

Obviously, make sure that all the locks are thrown on the doors and windows. That is the biggest thing. Next, you can stick a broom handle or wood dowel into the track of a sliding door. This will help to lock the door and prevent someone from yanking it open with a good yank. You can also put a brace like a wooden dowel or broom handle under the door knob of a door. While this won’t stop the door completely, it will buy you some time. You can also use wooden or rubber door wedge door stops. Again, this is not a permanent solution, but something to slow the bad guys down till you can get yourself to a defensible position and some sort of weapon.

Windows are a little tougher, but the same ideas can be used. Find some way of blocking the window from opening if you can.

And as always, make sure you have your firearm with you. Depending on the state, Castle Doctrine would apply even if this is not your residence. You have permission to be there, and while you are staying there, it is your home, no matter how temporary.

Just remember that keeping the family safe is the most important.

Reblog: “Three Seconds or Less” Shooting Drill | Active Response Training

Here is another shooting drill recommended by Greg Ellifritz. I am always on the look out for easy to run drills that can be used on an indoor range. While this one is run from concealment with a little movement, I am sure that it could be modified slightly to fit the rules of some of the stricter indoor ranges.

This drill could also be a great dry fire drill to practice movement.

Click on the source link below to see the drill on Greg’s Website.

I got this drill from Karl Rehn at  It is designed to replicate the conditions of the “average” gunfight being at a distance of three yards, firing three rounds, over the course of three seconds.  The drill is 20 rounds and uses the same three second par time for each stage.

Source: “Three Seconds or Less” Shooting Drill | Active Response Training

Reblog: Your Tactical Training Scenario…Nosy Shopper | Active Response Training

Imagine standing in line at the grocery store waiting as your spouse pays for your purchases.  As your spouse keys in the pin number for the debit card, a man behind you in line (pictured above) pushes past you and begins trying to see the numbers your spouse is inputting on the keypad.  You tell the man to step back.  He ignores you and continues to try to get a closer look at your spouse’s pin number.  What do you do?

This is a common question you should be asking yourself. There are so many people out there trying to steal from us.

Think about this one step farther. This Scenario is not just got trying to hide your PIN number. What would you do if someone was getting to close to your child/Children? What about your Wife/Husband?

In this article, Greg takes a look at what you should do to not only protect your PIN number and finances, but these are things you should keep in mind when it comes to protecting yourself in other ways. Click on the Source link below for his full article.

Source: Your Tactical Training Scenario…Nosy Shopper | Active Response Training